A publisher friend of mine sent me a link to this hair-raising (and side-splitting) YouTube video of a Canadian beaver trying to dodge traffic on the highway.

Boy, can I ever identify with this roving rodent! For the last couple of months, I’ve been far from my natural habitat too. I’ve been out here on the information highway trying to dodge sideswipes from speeding SUVs and direct hits from incoming tractor trailers. Getting my comic short story collection Beaver Bluff: The Librarian Stories published in print–and getting its electronic counterpart made available for Kindle devices–has meant dodging incoming vehicles that seemed determined to do me in. If it wasn’t a white line that appeared from out of nowhere on some physical book covers, it was a chapter-header beaver illustration that kept travelling from its proper, centred position to the left margin in the eBook–or disappearing right into the ditch. Yikes.

Beaver Bluff beaverFinally, I’ve learned to mellow out (like the little critter in the video). In fact, I’ve decided I kind of like how my beaver illustration gets around. I assume he’s dodging some kind of HTML Hummer only he can see . . . and I trust he’ll emerge unscathed, just like his video counterpart.

The good news is: Beaver Bluff: The Librarian Stories is now OUT THERE on the information highway… in print and, finally, in electronic form. It’s at Amazon.com, at Amazon.ca and at other Amazon sites around the globe. Somehow my graphic beaver buddy and I have survived to tell the tale. Well, tell it we may once we catch our collective breath. In the meantime, a big Beaver Tail round of applause goes to Crystal Stranaghan for helping to bring my comic short stories to the cosmos–and just in time for Christmas! Way to go, Crystal. Thwap Thwap.


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