Judy Millar is a Canadian writer, humorist and professional speaker who entertains audiences with hilarious, original stories, often based on her life experiences. She leaves her audiences laughing—and better able to find the humour in their own lives.


Hi!  I’m Judy Millar, and I’m glad you dropped by.  I’m a speaker and comedic storyteller. I love to entertain audiences with my humorous essays and comic “in persona” characters.  I perform and present “solo”—and also as part of the storytelling duo “WordChickz.”

My published pieces have landed in magazines like Reader’s Digest (Canada) and Writer’s Digest (USA). My second book —Millar LITE: A Comic Look at Life, Love, Sex and Survival—is due out in 2017 (it would be out already, but I’m having too much fun out and about—or “OOT and ABOOT,” as my “Amurrican” friends insist we Canadians say it).

 I hope one day we’ll meet at YOUR special event or via the printed page. In the meantime, have a look around. Use the contact form to be in touch any time—to inquire about booking, or just to say “hi” and share a funny story of your own . . . because 

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
(I didn’t say that—Charlie Chaplin did—but I agree!)

~ Judy

P.S. Can’t find your funny bone today? Use your elbow to click on this video! For more fun, visit Videos