Conveyor belt klutz

Have you ever tangled with a conveyor belt? I don’t recommend it.

I was a conveyor belt klutz. I promised to share more tales of my factory floor fiascos. Well, here’s one for the klutz record books. Who knew sorting poultry parts could be so dangerous? Enjoy!
(And if you do, thanks for sharing!)

Trailer factory screw-up

I am a writer. I consider this a good thing because there is a limit to the actual damage you can do to yourself or others while sitting at a keyboard. This cannot be said of some of the other jobs I have attempted over the years. I’ve shared tales of my employment fiascos with audiences and it’s time I posted a few videos of those stories here too. This week, allow me to demonstrate how NOT to be an electrician. Let me tell you about my time as a trailer factory “screw-up.”  ~ Enjoy my fiasco–and tell me yours!