I KNOW. I’ve been missing in action on this blog since FOREVER.
What can I say? The dog ate my blogwork. (Bad Rocco.)

If you’re not buying that, how about: “I broke my back.”?
(I really did. This is where you say: AWWW. Thanks for caring. It REALLY hurt.)

Eventually I got my vertebra “cemented,” and got back to publishing in print pubs. (THANKS, Reader’s Digest Canada, Writer’s Digest, Flash Nonfiction Funny, and others.)

Then I started storytelling to live audiences (dead audiences being much less receptive). I also began giving presentations to help other writers and storytellers find THEIR OWN funny bones. (Talk about “Humerus.”)

Anyhow, I’m finally blogging again—but mostly over on Medium. I’m posting funny stuff there: stories like “Fitbitten” (about being a jackass with my Fitbit) and “Bidet, Mate!” (about trying out our new bidet. Yikes!).

I’ll also be sharing writing-related posts to help other writers and storytellers add humour and oomph to their own writing and/or storytelling.

If any of that sounds like your kind of fun, I hope you’ll click HERE to connect over there.

Why? Because . . .

Laughter connects us all.


P.S. As always, you can be in touch via the Contact Form. I’d love to hear from you!

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