“Are you beaver-ready?” Those aren’t my words—although they could be, since I’m preparing to launch the Kindle version of my book Beaver Bluff: The Librarian Stories on an unsuspecting world. No, those are the words of Dutch beaver expert Vilmar Dijkstra. Apparently Dutch beavers have been mating at such a great rate, they are now threatening the stability of the Netherlands’ sea defences!

Who knew Canada’s favourite rodent could potentially cause such catastrophe? Well, Vilmar Dijkstra for one—and the members of the Mammal Society, for others. They are sounding the beaver alarm to other wildlife groups at a Dutch symposium—and if you don’t believe me, you can read about it on BBC News. (I don’t make this stuff up—although, as a writer, I earn my living making other stuff up).

Apparently, there have yet to be beaver sightings in the capital, Amsterdam. But lest the Dutch breathe easy, Mr. Dijkstra states that it’s only a matter of time. He reminds representatives of all Dutch regions to protect their water-blocking dikes with mesh grids and stones in preparation for the eventual beaver influx. “Are you beaver-ready?” he asks.

My question exactly … with the Kindle version of Beaver Bluff coming out next week, and the print version already for sale on Amazon.com, Amazon UK and other European Amazon sites. Are English-speaking Europeans ready to enjoy a good-humored book set in Big Beaver County—or will there be a “beaver backlash” due to these rowdy rodents invading the Dutch countryside? I’ll keep you posted here (and you can subscribe in the sidebar to get e-mails alerting you to new blog posts). In spite of the foofaraw, I’m hoping Beaver Bluff will get a warm European reception. After all, everyone needs a laugh—especially after a hard day of trying to cover one’s dike with a mesh grid!

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